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martes, 1 de marzo de 2011


Yesterday while I was listening music, my hand started to write stuff, and yes its really curious, cause I find myself more comfortable writing on my mother tongue (spanish), but I think is funny to change the way I have to express myself sometimes... Dont you think the same?
(Ayer mientras estaba escuchando musica, mi mano empezo a escribir movidas y es realmente curioso, porque siempre me encuentro mas comoda escribiendo en mi lengua materna, pero creo que a veces esta bien cambiar la manera que tengo de expresarme, no lo crees?)

You are my inspiration,
Did you know that?
Everytime that I look into your eyes,
I try to imagine, what are you looking for?
A secret tought tell me "Maybe its you?".

Sometimes I dream, that you come to me
and with the charm of your voice,
with the deep of your look,
you send me to strange places
that in a certain way, I love.

Then when I play with your hair,
your long hair.
I try to discover little details
on your face.

As I told you, you are my inspiration.
See you singing, is see me imagining.
How could you be in real life?
'Cause sometimes, I feel that you're just,
a dream
Something impossible to get.
But like a wise told me once.
"Nothing is impossible"

So here I am, trying to find a way
to find you, to find me.
'Cause this is a crazy world,
but, I know that you are around out there.

Now here are 4 am in the morning, and I found the poem I wrote yesterday, and I felt the need of share it.
Now I'm happy, today during my last conversation with him, for a few minutes, I felt that I found my other half, but I know that its an ilusion... Or maybe not?
Who knows...
(Ahora acá son las 4 de la mañana, y acabo de encontrar este poema, el que escribí ayer, y senti la necesidad de compartirlo.
En este momento estoy feliz, durante mi ultima conversación con él, durante unos minutos sentí que había encontrado a mi otra mitad, quizás sea una ilusión, o quizas no...)

Song sounding  "Cigarrettes and Coffee" From Otis Redding...

Good night, and good luck!

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