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sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

52 days.

This entry will go in english. A language that I adore and lately I use a lot. Some entries ago I said all the new good stuff was going on my life. I can't deny it. I feel great.
And yes, I still hate distance, and I still wish that things were more easier in my life. But hey! This is not bad at all. Afterall we need that spicy thing that make us suffer a little bit to find what we're looking for. Cause when something costs you,  when you get it, you appreciate it more.
I won't say your name, not yet, well, I won't put it here, your name is around my head all the time, your image, your voice, you're always here.
I remember one day that I told you "I'm there, but I'm not there, but I'm there". Yep... I can't wait to be with you in the same place, no yet.  But I will. I can't wait to touch you or look straight to your beautiful green eyes, no yet, but I will.

It's hard to express what I'm feeling right now, is something that I never felt before, but it feels good.
Sometimes the need of having you here is so strong that it hurts. But I'm counting the days until I have you here by my side.

That day will be awesome, and each day that goes by is getting closer, I can't wait to have you in front of me, there so much I wanna tell you and prove.
I always say that life is curious. Sometimes you are close to some specific person and in thing of months or hours, that person goes away. It had a specific function, a reason...
I don't try to understand the comes and goes of my life. I just try to enjoy of each moment, of the experience.
And now, I could call you, my best friend, that special being that makes me happy, and who knows. If things work, you could become in that special one I won't never want to leave.

Yes, I adore you bitch, and I can't wait to have you here, I also can't wait to be there with you. Dunno what life is saving for us. What destiny wants. But like Steven Tyler says "Life is a journey, not a destination" and I'm enjoying of this trip with you.

I did this entry in english just for you. Cause in this place I always tell what are the news about me, and since I met you. You only bring good stuff to my life. And a permanent smile to my face.

So this song also goes for you, as my heart and wills.

Thanks for be here as I'm always there for you. 52 days separate us now. But the day will come :)

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